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Receiving a request and getting acquainted with the material

Reading a synopsis, a project script, or viewing a rough cut.

Selecting the right music

At this stage, ideas are born of what kind of music best suits this or that episode. A list of potentially successful compositions is compiled.

Music editor job

Overlay selected versions of musical works on video content.

Coordination of selected compositions

Sending the source material reference with overdubbed compositions for approval by the producer and director. Approval of the list of priority songs.

Search for copyright holders

A link is established between the musical work and its copyright holder.

Negotiations with the copyright holder

Coordination with the copyright holder of all acceptable options for using the composition as part of an audiovisual work. Checking the documents of the copyright holder for full or partial ownership of the selected composition.
At this stage, the amount of royalties is set, which satisfies the interests of both parties.

Drawing up and conclusion of an agreement with the copyright holder

Our legal department will prepare all the necessary documents for concluding a contract with the copyright holder, which will ensure the legal use of the work you have chosen.

Financial processing of the transaction

Transfer of royalties to the copyright holder and subsequent transfer to the legal department of the production of supporting documents for the right to use the audio work.

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