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How to order an artist?

In order to order an artist for your event, you just need to call us at the phone number listed on our website or fill out the feedback form. Our booking manager will advise on all issues related to inviting stars to your event.

What artists does your agency work with?

The Andartists company provides booking services for Ukrainian and foreign artists for an event of any complexity.

Can you bring a foreign artist and how much does it cost?

Yes, we can bring any foreign artist you are interested in or we can help you find the right option for your event. The expense part will include the artist's fee, household and technical rider. Various factors affect the final cost: the popularity of the artist, the date of the event,
the size of the artist's group. Each case is considered individually.

What is a household and technical rider?

Household rider - these are the conditions for the stay of an artist or group in your city or country. This includes moving, accommodation, daily allowance, transfer around the city, catering to the dressing room. In some cases, there may be additional requirements that are negotiated with the customer at the stage of negotiations.

Technical rider - a document that contains all the technical requirements that the customer must provide for a high-quality performance of the artist. This includes the stage, sound, light, as well as tools that must be provided to the technical contractor for the event.

Who pays for the artist's household and technical rider?

Household and technical rider is paid by the customer.

How can we book a date?

In order to book a date, you need to make an advance payment of 50% of the artist's fee. After that, we fix the date for you and proceed to agree on all issues related to the artist's performance.

Does the artist's fee depend on the number of songs performed?

No, it doesn't. An artist's fee is a fixed amount that is not affected by factors such as the number of songs performed. Each artist equally prepares both for the performance of three songs and for a full-fledged concert performance.

Can you help me contact the artist directly?

Our company does not share personal information with third parties. If you have a personal question, please contact us and our booking specialist will negotiate with the artist regarding your question.

Why should I work with you?

Andartists Management & Booking Agency has been working in the field of artist booking for over 20 years. We have held more than 200 events both in Ukraine and abroad. Our experience and the personal trust of the artists help to solve any problem that arises for the customer when organizing a performance quickly and reliably.

How is the work with our agency built?

In order to order an artist in our agency, you just need to decide on the date, venue, format of the event and the artist. After that, we conclude an agreement with you on the provision of services and you make an advance payment of 50% of the total amount of the artist's fee, the rest of the customer transfers on the day of the event on the sound check, and you will also need to pay for the household and technical rider. If you have any difficulties in organizing a domestic and technical rider, be sure to let us know and we will help with all the difficult questions related to finding a technical contractor and ending with registration for the artist's flight.

What guarantees do we provide about artist booking?

After you have decided on the artist, we will send you a contract for the provision of services, which in the future will be your guarantee that the artist you have chosen will be at your event on the specified date.

Why do we need clearing rights?

In order for this or that well-known composition to sound in your project, it must first be cleared, in other words, it is necessary to acquire the rights to its legal use.

Can you help clear the rights to Elvis Presley songs?

Yes, we can help clear the rights to any artist's songs. In order to start negotiations with the copyright holders, we first need to get as much information as possible about the project where the songs will be used. We send you a form to fill out and based on this information we start negotiations with the right holders.

How long does the clearance process take?

Since the rights clearance process consists of several stages and requires many approvals, it can take from several weeks to several months. This is due to many factors that we discuss at the very beginning, as soon as we receive a request. Once our music supervisor has reviewed the full list of requested songs, he will immediately advise you on the licensing time frame.

This composition is very expensive, can you help me find an alternative?

Yes of course we can. Our music editor will help you find the best alternatives that fit the episode and are available within your budget.

Do all songs require rights clearing?

There are cases in which clearing permissions for a composition is not necessary. Each request is individually processed by our specialists, and at the initial stage you will already know what can be immediately included in the project and what needs to be cleaned.